SCPA Coach Visits Handcross

Sunday 26th March 2017
SCPA Coach Visits Handcross
Practicing the Lob
Shooting Exercise


Following a request from some of our newer members for further coaching, Bob Ainsworth, one of the SCPA coaches, kindly paid a visit to the Handcross piste on Saturday 25 March.  

Bob began by demonstrating the basics of stance and the correct way of holding and releasing the ball to within the required length. Having organised those present into groups Bob set up a variety of training disciplines to help those present hone their skills: from pointing to half lobbing, full lobbing and shooting, giving guidance to enable each individual the opportunity to practice and improve their skills on those aspects of the game with which they felt less confident. The morning ended with a game or two during which those present endeavoured to employ their newly learned skills whilst also being reminded of the tactics of the game.

Our thanks go to Bob for giving up his Saturday to come to Handcross.  It is now up to those present to take on all Bob's useful advice by practicing their new skills as well as thinking about each game and making every ball count!