les bonnes boules de handcross

League News NDL

The Handcross pairings of Brenda/Anne, Dave L/John and Mike/Bill lost their second match within 4 days, going down 7-2 away to a far more experienced ABC Bees.
At the start of the day Handcross were in 3rd place and ABC 5th. Today's result will drop us to 4th place.
Time played its part in two matches: in Round 1 at 10-9 when the buzzer sounded and allowed ABC to gain 2 points, winning 11-9; in another match the buzzer worked in our favour, turning an 11-10 lead into a 12-10 win. We must learn tactics when playing a timed match as we lose more than we win.
The high point for Handcross was Brenda and Anne securing a 13-1 victory.
We all found the terrain challenging with all of the ABC team having many years more match experience.
The last campaign saw us top of the league for most of the season, this year we must come from behind.
Bill Mackrell