les bonnes boules de handcross

League News, NDL

6 June 2015 - Crondall Panthers take revenge and defeat Handcross 6-3, points 99 to 78
With the exception of Nigel & John the other pairings of Brenda & Gary and Dave & Bill failed to get to grips with the sloping Crondall piste where, on one of David’s points, I called "that’s it" to see the ball stop and roll back 3 rotations!

The North Downs League has a 50 minute game rule, and Crondall use a timer to ensure matches do not go over.  This impacted on Brenda and Gary:  in their first game, they were all square when the buzzer sounded and as it was new to them it put them off.  Should the 50 minute rule be scrapped?  I think it needs discussion at the next North Downs League AGM

Four more games to sort, 2 away and 2 at home.  We are still fighting and learning to play on different pistes. Win or Lose we are still proud to represent Handcross.

(Report by Bill Mackrell)