les bonnes boules de handcross

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North Downs League.


1st March Handcross V Oxshott Hotshots.

Beating the rain, cold and that clock!

On a cold, wet Wednesday afternoon Handcross played their first match of the season against Oxshott Hotshots (last year’s league winners).

The Handcross team comprised of ‘new to the NDL’ players and our experienced players.

Having the 50 minute time limit in place, Handcross managed to win the first round 2 to 1.  In the second round Hotshots fought back to win the round 1 to 2. 

With the match drawn at the third round, it was going to be a close fought contest.  The rain had ceased, but it was still cold and there was that time limit to consider, but Handcross rallied and played well.  It was a tense round and in the very last minute of that time constraint, Handcross pulled off a 3 to 0 win!

Match Score: Handcross 6.  Oxshott Hotshots 3.

Well done Handcross Team, a good start to the season and thank you.