les bonnes boules de handcross

Handcross Give French a Good Run for their Money

Fanny Coquelloise Celebrate their Victory
Thierry Fontaine Presents Gift to Chairman David Leech on Behalf of La Fanny Coquelloise
Thierry Fontaine, President of La Fanny Coquelloise, Accepts Gift from Handcross Chairman David Leech

The sun shone all weekend and pétanque flourished along with liquid refreshment and gorgeous food. Saturday evening was a social evening reacquainting friendships made over the last few years. Sunday started with great weather which got hotter and hotter as the competition also hotted up and at lunchtime the home team was only two wins down (17-19). Once again because of Entente Cordiale (first signed in April 8th 1904) the English gave in to the visitors and lost 28 to 20 wins. The English are catching up but it will be a few more years until they win. We greatly look forward to our next visit across La Manche in the near future.

The Entente Cordiale was tested and proved alive and well last Sunday when Handcross Pétanque Club hosted the visit of 34 French boules players from Calais. The game of Pétanque is almost the national sport of France so it might be expected that the French club would do well, but by the end of three rounds of games, the scores were only 19-17 in favour of the visitors. A splendid lunch interrupted play and the two teams celebrated in normal gallic fashion! Unfortunately, the Handcross team seemed unable to cope with this intermission and slumped to a 28-20 defeat after the final round.

Gifts of national food and beverages were exchanged, friendship reconfirmed and an invitation issued for a return match in Calais next year was gratefully accepted.

Final results showed La Fanny Coquelloise victorious with 28 Wins and a points difference of 58. Handcross Petanque totalled 20 wins with a points difference of -58.

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