les bonnes boules de handcross

League News, NDL

20th July 2015 - Vs ABC Wasps

Handcross continue their winning run beating ABC wasps 6 games to 3

Our teams of Dave R and John, Mike and Gary, Brenda and Bill were encouraged by the support of Jane and Nigel cheering us on. We all managed 2 wins and 1 loss whilst securing a 103 to 56 points victory. The ABC pairing of Dennis and Jill walked away with a 100% winning run, despatching all 3 Handcross teams.

After 2 rounds we held a 4-2 lead requiring 1 more win for the bonus points. Round 3 saw the skies open and the piste changed with some slow damp areas and difficulty for those wearing glasses (maybe not seeing helped us!)

The evening was rounded off with a great buffet supplied by Brenda and Dave, (Thank You). Our guests stayed until 9pm and feedback showed they enjoyed the evening.

From Jill:- "Congratulations too to your team for superb play & win.  I think we both touched on why we all enjoy playing NDL league matches? - The friendly atmosphere, and sociable aspect, combined with serious competition, makes for really enjoyable events."

(Bill Mackrell)


1st August 2015 - Vs Oxshott Otters

Oxshott Otters showed their strength by beating Handcross 8-1 and denting our hopes of the final. Our teams of Anne and Dave L, Mike and John, Brenda and Bill struggled with the speed, slope and bare patches on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.

There are now 4 teams including Handcross that can mathematically win the League. The other 3 all have to play each other, which will help us. We also have to play 2 of them: Hornets at home and Borden away.

Our squad are fighters and we are not out. Well done all!

(Bill Mackrell)