les bonnes boules de handcross

Autumn Doubles 2016

Overall Winners (Gold) Stuart Floyd and Ian Burchell
Gold Runners-Up Peter Kidd and Harrison Ash
Gold Joint Semi-Finalists, Nigel Sibbring/Martin Gordon; Tony Kidd/Steve Daykin
Gold Cons Winners David and Andrew Randall
Gold Cons Runners-Up, Angela Brooks and Tony Jackson
Juniors Award
Silver Winners David Leech and Justin Ellis
Silver Runners-Up, Hassi Leverett and Paula Fauvel
Silver Semi-Finalists: Keith and Sue(above); and Mike and Christine Kateley
Silver Cons Winners, Joe Grimaldi and Mark Barlow
Silver Cons Runners-Up, Mike Stanton and Mike Greenaway
Bronze Winners, Jane Sibbring and Brenda Steptoe


A gloomy day but with the prospect of sun later greeted the competing teams as they arrived at the Handcross piste for the third of the Club's Open events this year.  Teams were randomly selected for the morning games and dependent on wins and points were drawn into the main Gold, Silver and Bronze competitions for the afternoon session.  Prizes were awarded throughout for the Main Gold/Silver/Bronze and Consolage competition winners and runners-up.  The sun broke through as the morning games progressed and it turned out a beautiful Autumn day which everybody appeared to enjoy.  Our thanks to all those who took part, to Hilary for running the event and to all those who helped with the organisation.

Full results as follows:-

Gold Winners: Stuart Floyd & Ian Burchell

Gold Runners-Up: Peter Kidd & Harrison Ash

Gold Semi-Finalists: Nigel Sibbring & Martin Gordon; Tony Kidd & Steve Daykin

Gold Cons Winners: David & Andrew Randall

Gold Cons Runners-Up: Angela Brooks & Tony Jackson

Gold Cons Semi-Finalists: Keith Rutter & Diana Hollis


Silver Winners: David Leech & Justin Ellis

Silver Runners-Up: Hassi Leverett & Paula Fauvel

Silver Semi-Finalists: Mike & Christine Kateley, Keith & Sue


Silver Cons Winners: Joe Grimaldi & Mark Barlow

Silver Cons Runners-Up: Mike Stanton & Mike Greenaway


Bronze Winners: Jane Sibbring & Brenda Steptoe

Bronze Runners-Up: Diana Hollis & Steve Brooks