les bonnes boules de handcross

League News

Handcross make Kirdford their second home for the week playing ABC Wasps on a Sunny Tuesday and ABC Hornets on the overcast Sunday.

21st April

ABC Wasps were triumphant winning 5-4 with an even point’s score of 90-90

The Handcross pairings of David & David, Brenda & Gary and John & Bill had a bad start losing both the first two rounds 2-1 and leaving The Wasps needing 1 more win for victory.  We fought back to make it 4 games each with one game remaining. Both teams watched the final cat and mouse game that suddenly turned giving the wasps the decisive game to clinch the match.



On an overcast Sunday ABC Hornets inflicted 2 Fanny’s on Handcross but we managed to overcome this to take the match 6-3 with a close points score of 84-80

Retaining Tuesday’s pairings Handcross changed its team order to allow us to play on a different piste and maybe change our luck.

Round 1 saw the Hornets take a 2 game lead inflicting the first fanny of the day.

Round 2 saw the Hornets change their successful pairing that had inflicted the first fanny, but Handcross rallied to take all 3 games in the 2nd round.

Going into round 3 we required 1 win for victory. The Hornets re-instated their original pairings resulting in an early exit for John and Bill whilst the Hornets pairing of Ian and Carolyn recorded their second fanny of the day. The outcome was left for our senior pairings who secured 13-3 and 13-2 wins to ensure match victory for Handcross.

Playing in the North Downs League we are melding as a team with the better players encouraging us up and coming members. Looking at the results to date, I now realise it is possible for anyone to beat anyone (with a bit of luck). For example, on Tuesday one Wasps pairing won 13-6 and 13-9 but were beaten 13-6 in round 3 by our weakest links!  Onwards and upwards, next match Crondall Panthers at home 09/05/15.

(Bill Mackrell, Captain)