les bonnes boules de handcross

Christmas Boules 2015

Mike Stanton, Club Champion and Skills Champion 2015 (L) with Chairman David Leech
Singles Runner-Up 2015, Viv Ley (L) with Chairman David Leech
Robert Morris and Brenda Steptoe (L&R), Winners of the 2015 Doubles Championship
Doubles Runners-Up 2015 Eric and John with Chairman David Leech
Barbara Finney (L), Best Female, Christmas Melee 2015
Justin Ellis (L), Best Male, Christmas Melee 2015
Nearly Ready!
John, Robert and Brenda Busy in the Kitchen


Chairman David Leech welcomed all those entering the 2015 Christmas Melee.  

Random pairings were drawn for the 3 games and with the skies looking a little dark in places, play began.  Mid morning, Nigel arrived with a tray of his delicious hot mulled wine which was enjoyed by all, with some having an additional helping to wash down the hot sausage rolls on offer.

Each individual's scores were recorded for the 3 games played and at the end of the morning, the 2 victors were Barbara Finney and Justin Ellis (best lady and best man respectively), following which everybody departed the piste for a welcome hot lunch at the Parish Hall. 

Following the meal and while coffee was being served, the 'Secret Santa' raffle took place providing a surprise parcel for each of those present.  This was followed by Chairman David Leech officially awarding the Club Championship prizes and congratulating the winners who were as follows:

2015 Club Champion:  Mike Stanton

Club Champion Runner-Up: Viv Ley

2015 Doubles Champions:  Brenda Steptoe and Robert Morris

Runners Up:  Eric Finney and John Bailey

2015 Skills Champion: Mike Stanton

At the end of the day, and all the clearing up having been completed, a very contented crowd left for their respective homes.

Thanks to all those who helped to make the day such a success.



Barbara Finney, Best Lady in the Melee
Justin Ellis, Best Male in the Melee